It’s my first time today to attend this great event. I heard about it in the Church. The previous year I saw the DVD of that year’s Night Vigil and I was very interested.

When I heard the people who had attended it before and saw how their lives had changed I also believed my life will change.

I am hoping to receive the power of God in my life since 2006 was not peaceful at all. I believe when we ask for the peace of God indeed He will grant me His peace.

Granny Koekster



I was excited to see all the Churches together when I attended the Night Vigil of Greatness. When I heard we are coming back to FNB I didn’t think twice because I wanted to see the changes in my life in 2007.

I invited my cousin t come along for her to receive peace in her life because in 2006 she went through a lot of family problems, I believe today God will set her free. I as well want to receive peace and freedom in my family.

Elizabeth Mawane


I saw the announcement in the Universal News, by then I was not coming to the Church. I decided to come because I am fed up of the life I am living and I heard the testimonies of other that attended the previous year and I believe that God will do the same in my life. 2007 must be the year that I will achieve all the things I couldn’t achieve in 2006.

Nontuthuzelo Nkosi



I did not attend the first FNB event but this year I decided that I wanted to see the doors in my life being broken down. I could not let another year pass without receiving an answer to my prayers. Coming was definetly the best decision I ever made! I can already see the difference in my life. I can't wait for the next FNB event. I also have a message for those still doubting: If you have faith you can achieve anything you want. I know that my 2007 is going to be a year of success.

Asithi Sotsu



Last year I came because I knew God had something great prepared for my life. And this year I believed more than last year He would bless me in abundance. My financial life was lacking growth, so with my prayer request in my heart I entered the stadium and I dont regret coming at all! I believe a miracle has already happened, though I cannot see it physically, my faith requires me to believe without seeing.

Thandi Cindi



Unemployment brought me to FNB last year and I remember telling myself, as the walls were being thrown down, that I wont allow this wall to stand in my life anymore. And indeed God answered my prayers and honoured my determination. I'm no longer unemployed. So this year when I heard the announcement of bringing peace and freedom in the new year I decided that I was going to FNB again. Today I have peace because God reconciled me and my family. I realised that it was not the church calling me to FNB, but God calling me to change my life. I am sure that many people were blessed there.

Zodwa Mampondo


I believe that God answers prayers, especially when His people gather together and cry out in one voice, calling upon Him to change their lives. God has to answer. FNB was a chance for me to see God doing the impossible for me. I came with a purpose to FNB this year and I left that stadium with my answer in Jesus Name.

Pascar Dube