I had fathered children with different girlfriends. I only had part-time jobs and my salary was less than R200 per week, which was very little to support my needs or even for my children. This caused lack of peace in my life. I had never hoped that my financial life would ever change and that I would have a prosperous life.

I was invited to the Church and I came. However, at the beginning I was not serious with God and there was no change in my life. However, after I saw what God had done to the lives of those who believed in Him, I decided to give my life to Him. I stopped sleeping around, leaving behind that promiscuous life that led me to have many girlfriends and children, for I decided to build a family.

I sought from God a woman that could complete my life. After a while, I got married with a woman whom I consider a blessing from God to me. My family stopped fighting and they all came to the Church. I started to have peace, and God blessed me with a better job and my life began to change because I was now earning a very good salary. I was happy with that salary, but in the Church I learnt that God is a great God and He can give me greater things than that. Along the way I faced many problems that tried to stop me, but since I saw many people in the Church whom God had blessed, I learned that they also had to persevere in order to receive their blessing. I knew that God would do great things in my life too.

I went to the FNB Stadium to start to provoke the Greatness of God. Today I am a co-owner of a big transport company. I am a 30% shareholder and can afford to drive the car of my dreams.

Alfred Shirindza



After the divorce of my parents I was left emotionally disturbs, in such a way that I resorted in alcohol and smoking at the age of 11 to try and forget my pain, however my situation got worse. I started going out with many boyfriends especially those who had money and also I was disobedient to my parents. In that same time my uncle was arrested and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.

The arrest of my uncle added to the pain that we were facing in the family, because though we used to visit him almost every month, sometimes we would not have enough money to visit him. As time went on, in the year 2004, I was invited to the Universal Church and decided to come. As I kept coming to the Church God delivered me from the life of addiction and I stopped drinking and smoking.

I learnt to use my faith in order to fight against my problems. Thus gradually my life started to change, until eventually I took the decision of fully committing my life to God. Last year I went to FNB stadium for the night vigil of greatness, because I wanted to see the Greatness of God in my family. I wanted God to change the situation of my uncle in the New Year.

The whole night I was in the presence of God presenting my case to Him, and indeed He honored my faith. Today my uncle has been released from prison after serving only 4 years. I am very happy because now he is united with us again.

Zandile Feni




By the time I went to FNB Stadium on the 31 st of December 2005, I was a single lady and lonely for many years searching for happiness and peace in my love life without any success. However, I was tired of this situation and wanted this wall to break down in my life.

When the time to break the wall in the night vigil came, I broke it all my faith, showing God that my situation had to change. Then after breaking the walls I asked God to give me a man of God whom I would build a family with.

In January God provided me with a man of my dream, with the characteristics that I always wanted in the man that I was ought to marry. As I was there in FNB, he was also at FNB Stadium single and lonely as I was. We dated until August last year when we finally tight a knot. Today I can not even describe the joy and happiness I have in my marriage. Everyday with my husband live in peace and I truly thank God for restoring my love life after many years of pain

Soneni Ncube & husband




My love life was destroyed before I came to the FNB. It was really miserable. I could not get a life time partner. So, when I heard the pastor announcing the Night Vigil to break into the New Year in FNB. I took a decision that I was not going to miss it for anything in the world, because I believed that God had something great in store for me.

The whole Night I was there presenting my request to God, and God blessed me. After weeks coming from the FNB I met the man who today is my wonderful husband. I am very happy now because I am settled, and my husband is also a man of God. I went to FNB to destroy the walls; and after the walls were broken my misery was defeated. Today God completed my life and I am very happy in my marriage

Dudu Khoeane & husband




I was a typical University student who did not care about the things of God. I used to drink, party, and do anything that I wanted to do. I did not know God that He can provide beyond my imagination.

I finished my studies and did not have a job. That was very depressing. Being a University graduate without job was my highest point of suffering. I thought that there must be something wrong with me because my friends were all working and I was not. I used to cry and complain about all the time.

My brother invited me to the Church but I was not interested at first. He invited me to FNB and I still said “no”. He bought the ticket anyway and finally I agreed to go and there I learnt that great things can happen in my life if I invite God and ask Him to provide. I started attending meetings after FNB and He provided for me. Today I am in the house of God and I have a job that I studied for and wanted. I believe that He will provide even more for me. I am happy in my job I see progress

Boitumelo Mostetlhe